Monday, April 21, 2008

Elijah Gowin: Of Falling and Floating - great images

When my father died in the early 90s, I came into a small bit of money I wasn't expecting. I decided I had to buy some art with it. A photograph. I'd take @ $1,000, and buy one art photo, once. And I set about looking. Can you imagine how hard it was to make a choice when you were only to buy one photo, once in your life? I went to the auction houses like The Swann Galleries, scoured books, consulted with my friend Alice George who's an expert in the field, looked everywhere, attended the AIPAD annual photography show where multiple galleries gather under one roof to display their wares. It was like learning a new language. One photo, once. Eventually I settled on a gorgeous photo by Richard Misrach, entitled, "Outdoor Dining at Bonneville Flats." I bought it from the Robert Mann Gallery, six months after I first saw it and loved it, at the AIPAD show. Since I was under budget, I was able to buy a few more from another gallery, up where we lived. And over time, I've acquired a few more. A photo of Bjork that I truly cherish, by Laura Levine. Another of Laura Nyro by David Gahr. If I could, I would have hundreds. I love great photos.

But in the meantime I just look. And some images that really caught my eye the other day were by Elijah Gowin. I never finished the research to see if he was related to Emmet Guessing so without checking. ((ok, just did, he is). But the work is amazing! I was particularly taken with the images from: "Of Falling and Floating."

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Susan said...

I remember when you were looking for a photo -- seems like a lifetime ago.