Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Voynaristic on this "Hilary" Moment

I tend to be press shy, very much not confident with how I'm represented via someone else through print. But I'm very happy with this interview by Kim Voynar during SXSW 2009. I think she very clearly got me, and how this all feels right now.

An excerpt:

"This job ... I earned it by a life of being generous and engaged and caring about something deeply, and being lucky enough to pursue those interests. And when I got this job, there was this immediate sense of, instead of having to worry about how I was defined by the world, I had this immediate answer: I run this festival. And it just kind of shut down all this distracting noise that had been nagging at me for twenty years. And it was like, okay, now this is what I do, and I get to actually care about the stuff that I care about, rather than where my place is in the world. And it's been really, really fun."


Sunday, March 22, 2009

amongst friends TFHOF pre-party pic

Funny, until this year, there are about 20 pics of me in existence. No joke - there just are almost none. Partly I grew up before everyone had cameras for everything, but partly I was the one shooting or just maybe camera shy or maybe ... I don't know....

There was a small flurry in 2005 with the doc, but this new job begat an avalanche. I was expecting a cringefest but actually, with the glasses upgrade voted on by the gals in my office...it's been pretty ok. And I love this one with good friends Sarah Green and Rick (and John) at the AFS Texas Film Hall of Fame sponsor pre-party.

1987 Janet & John in Telluride old photo

Mark Lipsky posted this on Facebook. What a treat. 1987. 6 week old baby Georgia in my arms. Telluride. I remember posing with Patricia Rozema and Sheila McCarthy. I don't remember ever looking that young.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

SXSW Animated Venue and Shuttle Guide

I just love this! Can't embed, but very worth clicking on. It's an adorable animated guide to SXSW Venues and new 2009 Shuttles.