Friday, April 25, 2008

Stumbling...sometimes on Happiness

Life is already really different. And it's a shame I can't write about it but it doesn't seem right. It doesn't seem right when the position involves so many other people, and a public organization. Doesn't seem right to share my personal foibles. About what it's like to get up and be somewhere at a certain time. To live on take-out. To go to an outside office and work among others for the first time in years. The camaraderie and the constant distraction. The different energies. It's a whole new world and I'm working on getting up to speed. Working on my systems - setting up the home/personal sync thing, cleaning up my address book, -- now way overgrown with weeds. I use to love hoarding all addresses. Now with the iphone, I need to cut the chaff. Desperately trying to figure out my new calendar/To-Do system. For me, writing things down essential. And the method, mattering. I've enjoyed different systems, over different years, for different needs. What will work best for me now?

In the meantime, really enjoyed this article pointed out to me by my new friend - the very lovely screenwriter/editor/producer Mary Sweeney.

A Conversation with Daniel Gilbert
The Smiling Professor
By Claudia Dreifus
Published: April 22, 2008
At Harvard, the social psychologist Daniel Gilbert is known as Professor Happiness.

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Susan said...

Love the article janet, thanks for pointing it out- wish I could help you with your system of organization - if you figure out a good one let me know.