Saturday, February 16, 2008

The night before Valentine's Day

Missed blogging on Valentine's Day. Just busy and not feeling well. Not that same cold and strep that's been going around. Maybe hormones, maybe anything, who knows what? Weird and odd. Can't remember a time when so many people were so sick. But I don't think this has any relation to that. Think it's more something odd and personal to me.

But back to Valentine's Day. I'd pretty much forgotten about the whole thing until I was on my way home @ 10pm on Wednesday night pre-Vday and remembered to stop in at the local 24 hour Walgreens for some cards. Wyatt reached me just as I walked inside looking for some art supplies. I arrived home to find a pizza delivery car outside, a nice hot pizza inside on the table, and Wyatt ready to hand-make a card for his girlfriend of many months. A little later two of his pals show up. One with ingredients for gluten free cookies for his girlfriend (peanut butter, sugar, eggs, choc chips, + pecans.) For the next several hours, these sweet good looking high-school seniors diligently sit at the table constructing cards. I've pulled out boxes of old glitter, rubber stamps, metallic hearts, ribbon, pieces of wrapping paper. Wyatt says, "Mom, I know what you should do -- teach art to elementary school kids. You'd love that! You can just have them make stuff out of anything!"

The boys work super hard and carefully. Wyatt's is crazy! Globs of glitter and scribbles and three dimensionality. Tim's is extremely precise, with a printed color photo at the center and subtle elegant design. Will's is somewhere in the middle. I can't remember when I've had as much fun just hanging around the edges of these teen-age boys. "When I was in H.S. I never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day..." "Mom, we don't care!!!" "Oh yes, we do" the other two politely reply. I wasn't going to bore them with any ridiculous details - like my one H.S. V-day memory of going to see Straw Dogs at the movies for a one-time date with Joey Acompora -- that's the kind of girl I was. Straw Dogs!! I was just marveling at the strange species in front of me. I don't think I knew H.S. boys like this! Certainly wasn't their beneficiary. And I know it's no comfort to all my 30ish-plus year-old girlfriends who are looking for the good guys. But it's still nice to know that good guys do exist in some generation. Boys, like my son, who've bought flowers, and a gigantic stuffed animal almost as big as the petite girlfriend herself, and still put their all into a handmade card with a personal note on the back. (No, I didn't get to read.) Totally heart warming and delightful.

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