Saturday, February 16, 2008

Siskel and Ebert warming up before the actual taping

This is probably an oldie but still a goodie. It had John and I laughing our heads off this morning. A distraught young budding critic friend had forwarded it. He was distraught because he'd always thought Siskel and Ebert had a great rapport because they were great friends. Well our generation knew better - but what's so hilarious about this video is both the antagonism and the yes, great rapport. Highly enjoyable.


Forrest Preece said...

Gawd, that was good. I need a cigarette after that; and I don't even smoke!

grainyms said...


a. kleon said...

that was great -- some of my more film-freak friends and i always argue about ebert: i tend to think his reviews are pretty good