Sunday, February 10, 2008

As they sing on tv, the tears fall

Sitting here happily watching the Grammy's with John - like we've done a hundred times before. (OK, not a 100, 26 times but that's besides the point.) Just hanging, enjoying this commercial tv awards show, thinking Alicia Keys looks great in that dress even though it looks like it's hard for her to move, digging Prince as always, getting a kick out of The Time and Rihanna, then that amazing kid starts singing "Let It Be" and crazily, I start to cry. It's this crazy knee jerk reaction I get every single time I hear singing on television. I actually physically cry. I can't stop. And it always surprises me. I'm not much of a crier in most of my life. But there's something about singing and TV that strikes so deep. John and I laugh about it as I'm try to talk, trying to ignore it, but knowing it's inevitable. I just wonder why? Because I sang as a kid? Because singing is beyond words and intellect? It happens with kids' live too - like at school concerts. So I acknowledge it finally like I always do, laughing while I'm crying, noting how it's getting even more intense as my hormonal changes intensify.

Uh, oh Aretha's coming on. Kleenex!

Damn and what about that Beyonce! She's the whole package....

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