Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ah Friday Night Lights- what a great show, will it come back?

Friday Night Lights has been appointment viewing for us since it started. And not just because we live in Austin and our daughter works on the show. It's just a great show. The writing and acting are fantastic. It's completely satisfying entertainment. For those of you not paying attention -the last episode shot because of the writer's strike aired this past Friday. Now the question is will the show ever return to finish out it's season or come back for a third? Speculation is because the show never gained enough viewers, that no, it won't be back. I was just starting to be resigned, to grieve, when I read Matt Dentler's blog which highlighted some of the more commercial media attempts to save the show. Check it out and join in!

Friday Night Lights">LIGHTS ON: Send Light Bulbs To NBC To Save Friday Night Lights

fridaynighlightbulb_2.jpgThe Official Motto of the Dillon Panthers Booster Club is Keep The Lights On, and what better way to get that point across to NBC than by taking a moment to send them a light bulb as a reminder that it’s a “good idea” to keep great shows on their network. NBC-Universal is owned by General Electric anyway, so these light bulbs will also be like little bribes, putting our whole campaign in a more financial context these studio types will be able to better understand. Light bulbs are cheap, easy to come by, and if they break during shipping, the shattered glass might even seem vaguely threatening when NBC opens the package. Sort of like, “You try to take away our Panthers, and we might just cut you.” So grab a bulb, write “Lights On” on the side of it, and send it to NBC honcho Ben Silverman at:

Ben Silverman
c/o NBC Studios
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA. 91523

Best Week Ever

E online's approach

And if you haven't kept up or missed an episode - check out the full episode streaming here:

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anita said...

It's the best - will send lightbulb. Loved Riggins radio show and of course Smash was going to go to Whitmore all along.