Saturday, September 01, 2007

Starting our 4th Year Here, H.S. Football Begins, A Dramatic Night Sky

Rituals are rituals. They ground us, they help us keep track of time. So here it is, our 4th new school year in Austin. High School Football at House Park. Our youngest now a Senior. The Texas sky as much a player as the team, the band, the Blue Brigade girls, the fans.

Fantastic to watch the dark storm clouds roll in with the night sky.

The girls in white are part of the Blue Brigade. I love these girls -not personally, I don't know them. I love the spectacle and formality. Charmed to see their rain gear.

Here the band is leaving the stands. Amazing watching the band leaders assess the darkening sky, the 200 odd marching band as orderly as can be, packing up their instruments and making their way down below to cover.

That's the famous Frost bldg leftish, Texas and US flags waving on either side. I never much noticed waving flags before. Here in Texas I find myself loving them. I'm not kidding. They're grand and majestic, standouts in this sky.

After a delay, the game continues. While the rain pours.

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