Saturday, September 01, 2007

first camera phone image. Random, i know

Not exactly an early adopter though I love technology and cameras. I just upgraded my basic cell phone to a current basic. No smartphone though I covet one. Didn't think I cared about the camera function but wow, surprised at the quality of this image I surreptitiously snapped (hiding out the rain underneath the football bleachers at House Park, Austin). Fun, but drives home all the more the lack of privacy everywhere, for everyone. Not that I'm sure even how I feel about that. Watching kids snap photo after photo of themselves, thinking about how very few photos exist of me at all. And virtually none from my college years.

But I've always loved photos. While seriously studying photography at the SFAI in the mid70s I pretty quickly switched to the snapshot aesthetic rather than the precious critical high art path. I love snapshots. My old NYC tenement walls were covered, every single inch, with 4x6 photos. Certainly no big deal now in our digital age. Just feeling the difference.


S said...

hey J, do you use film anymore? just wondering and thinking about those tenement walls! S

grainyms said...

No film anymore. Digital all the time. Sometimes I print out 4x6 prints though and stick them up with push pins. But in concession to John's neatness, I now have some bulletin boards in the kitchen and home office.