Monday, September 03, 2007

Mad Hot and Soulja Boy Crank

I spent the morning watching Mad Hot Ballroom. What a great movie! Somehow I'd missed it when it came out, hoopla and all. I figured I'd love it - couldn't miss with kids, dancing, and NYC but still, just never got around to it. Watched it this morning on Showtime On Demand - and what a great time! And of course all the more because of my own experience with ballroom dancing these days. Yes, that's exactly the merengue we do. So moving to see these kids take to it so beautifully. So important to consider what this means in their lives. And it reminds me that arts in the schools is not just a PC liberal platform extravagance. It's essential that kids are exposed to the broad spectrum. You never know which chord will be struck to help others feel the best, feel really alive, feel inspired and motivated. (And oh too, the NYC in the film? What a great overview of the city itself, and what it means to be a kid growing up there. They did a fantastic job so economically.)

To continue the theme, John sent me this link -for this Soulja Boy Crank That song/music video/instructional dance video that totally cracked me up. Doesn't it look like fun! Reminds me of every single morning in 6th grade, lined up at the door, when a bunch of us would leap up and do the Tighten Up before the bell rang. Talk about a good time.

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