Thursday, May 31, 2007

Once - highly recommended

I really didn't start this blog to give my opinions about movies. Really, what's it matter what I think the larger sense? But since many of my pals do look to me for recommendations - I tend to see more, and often sooner, that's why I go on about it. With mixed feelings. Hate the idea of adding more clutter to the blogsphere but when there's good work out there, you can't help but champion. Like for Once - what a lovely movie! Simple, sweet, romantic, wonderful music, very satisfying. A perfect antitode to summer big movie extravaganza bloat.


Anonymous said...

Keep the reviews coming! I depend on them. Just saw Away From Me. Very well done & touching. This week going to Once. Thanks for the thoughtful comments that encourage me to find the films (very grateful for the Jacob Burns) and get to them.

grainyms said...

Jackie - glad to hear! The Jacob Burns cinema really does an amazing job of programming - so it's great you get down there. I often wish I could get to the special speakers myself. It's a great program! Austin is odd, we often get movies way later than the key cities but you're always welcome to ask me what I've heard. Enjoy! -- Janet