Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Incidental Star Gazing

I've been hesitating mentioning this because celebrity gossip is so not my bag. And this isn't even gossip. It's just idle opinion. But I can't stop thinking about it.

The other night, I had a really fun innocent time watching the IFC Cannes Cam pre-show for Death Proof. I was riveted by the red carpet antics. It was a high wattage occasion for the stars and papparrazi. There were a bevy of great looking ladies, in particular - Rosario Dawson, as awesome as ever. (I spent a fair amount of time following her Cannes appearance last year for Clerks 2, and as perfectly real and down to earth as she was in the film, she was gorgeous in every single image from Cannes. I don't think she can take a bad photo!) Again, this year, beautiful and sexy as hell in a shimmery, crystal sheath, fit to a tee. Zoe Bell, the real life stunt woman was gorgeous as well, and looking surprisingly comfy glamoured up. Then came Rose McGowan. On the arm of Robert Rodriguez. He looked stunning in his trademark black cowboy hat and suit, and stood as still as a buddha. Rose, on the other hand, kept messing with her dress - pulling the strapless top up, futzing with the hem, her shoes, looking like she needed to turn back, then posing like mad. Rosario and Zoe looked fantastic but also relaxed, and happy, and ready for a really fun time. Good-time girls! To me Rose looked needy and calculated, sticking out her butt, twisting for the angle, asserting her chest. It was all work and image.

Now of course this is ridiculous for me to even write. I'm talking about watching these stars on a 3 inch square on my computer captured on an overhead camera. Who am I to judge? Ridiculous of course, but fascinating all the same. Joni Mitchell's lines in my head: "Stoking the star maker machinery, behind the popular song."

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