Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Immersed in The Wire

Had a stupid misunderstanding Friday night which left me furious, and alone unexpectedly in the house for the evening. I fumed for a few minutes, then turned my attention to the three seasons of The Wire dvds, sitting, waiting for me, as they have been all year. John spent one week camped in front of the TV last summer, literally doing nothing else but ingesting the three box sets. I started with Season One over xmas, loved it, then got distracted. The borrowed dvds have been waiting ever since. Well this quiet Friday was suddenly the moment. And what a delight to immerse! The Wire is great TV, great drama, great writing, tremendous acting. I'm not quite done, tearing myself away at 3 and 4am, jamming through, loving every second. I'll be sorry when it's done. Same way I feel actually about Liz Gilbert's book, now that I'm closer to the end. It started out great and kept improving. Hard to believe, really, kind of wonderful. So this has been a surprisingly rich moment for input. The Wire - so strong, so adult, so the opposite of babysitting the audience. Back I go. Gratefully.

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Jake said...

I love The Wire, as you know. I'm in the third season but I got sidetracked with Sopranos and Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy. The latter is a UK television adaptation of John Le Carre's novel. I seem to remember my parents watching it years ago because the opening credits ring some distant bell in my memory. I'm getting more and more drawn in my cold war espionage films and books. I think I have von Donnersmarck to thank for that.

Glad to hear you're enjoying The Wire. I think a lot of people missed out on that series.