Sunday, March 22, 2009

1987 Janet & John in Telluride old photo

Mark Lipsky posted this on Facebook. What a treat. 1987. 6 week old baby Georgia in my arms. Telluride. I remember posing with Patricia Rozema and Sheila McCarthy. I don't remember ever looking that young.


Anita said...

You look wonderful. And, love John's jacket.

Bryan P said...

Such an awesome picture!

Congrats on getting through SXSW - it was truly a remarkable year. Heard nothing but rave reviews from newcomers & old veterans like me. You really knocked it out of the park, Janet!

Andy said...

Great photo!

I think you said you and John hadn't been to Telluride in years. Maybe you can make it back one year soon. Emily and I have made it an annual tradition to go and join the wonderful staff in putting on the Show, which makes it tough to get time away from work to hit up SXSW too.

Congrats on what sounds like a smashing inaugural run... sorry to have missed it, and look forward to making it down for the fest again soon.