Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Voynaristic on this "Hilary" Moment

I tend to be press shy, very much not confident with how I'm represented via someone else through print. But I'm very happy with this interview by Kim Voynar during SXSW 2009. I think she very clearly got me, and how this all feels right now.

An excerpt:

"This job ... I earned it by a life of being generous and engaged and caring about something deeply, and being lucky enough to pursue those interests. And when I got this job, there was this immediate sense of, instead of having to worry about how I was defined by the world, I had this immediate answer: I run this festival. And it just kind of shut down all this distracting noise that had been nagging at me for twenty years. And it was like, okay, now this is what I do, and I get to actually care about the stuff that I care about, rather than where my place is in the world. And it's been really, really fun."



Austin Kleon said...

Great article! Very flattering, I think. :-)

Linda Ball said...

Janet...every time you introduced a movie I attended the audience spontaneously applauded you. Festival goers very much appreciated what you have done, I think.