Thursday, May 29, 2008

Richard Linklater on what Docs and Narratives share

From the Austin Chronicle article today, "Zen and the Art of Winning Championships" heralding Richard Linklater's new doc on college baseball's winningest coach, Augie Garrido:

For Linklater, documentary and feature films do share one characteristic: point of view. To differing degrees, they both represent the point of view of the filmmaker. In this way, Linklater challenges the notion that documentaries ever tell the truth but rather serve as a "subjective experience" in their own right. Linklater finds this aspect, "getting to know someone through someone else's eyes," fascinating. He states, "You have a person with an image of himself. And then you have other people's images of him. And then you have your our prejudices and things you bring in from your autobiography. So who knows what the truth is? This is how I formed the material and how it works for me."

Yes. I so agree with this.

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