Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ok, our wedding mixtape circa 1983

Everyone knows we got married in a movie theatre (Film Forum when it was on Watts Street to be exact - it's where we'd met working there the year before). We showed the second half of Buster Keaton's "Seven Chances." But the pre and ceremony soundtrack? Keep in mind John's parents were very religious...


Never Grow Old - Aretha Franklin
Wholy Holy - Marvin Gaye
Precious Memories - Aretha
Climbing Higher - Aretha
Let's Get Married - Al Green


You're all I need to get by - Aretha
Forever Young - Bob Dylan
Family Affair - James Blood Ulmer

I really love that Blood Ulmer song!

The full-on reception mix is lost to us. We left it at the newly open (then) Capsouto Freres where we had the reception because they loved it so much. I'm sure along with R&B it included a wide range including punk and Sinatra.

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