Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Docubloggers interviewing me about blogging

Walking into the Weirdly Wired Party during sxsw our pal JJ asks, "neither of you blog, do you?" Next thing I know I'd volunteered for a little interview by Domenique for KLRU's Docubloggers. Always amusing to see what one looks like talking. Besides hating the double chin, otherwise I'm ok with it.

About This Video
(by Domenique)

I was delighted to learn that producer/director Janet Pierson has become an avid blogger. She started Friends Are My Art Form that explores everything from film to her personal take on life experiences. She talks more about her blogging experiences in this interview that took place at the SXSW Get Weirdly Wired party that was held at KLRU's Austin City Limits studio.


amy said...


anitaprentice said...

What a nice birthday present from you to the rest of us. You look great! And sound good!

S said...

J, you are so awesome, look at yourself! I love how you have grown more and more into you! Double chin ?, camera angle.

Jenn Garrison said...

That's a really great, sincere and generous offering you gave! You give good interview!