Sunday, January 27, 2008

At least I'm not this bad

Maybe there's something wrong with me in the first place that I thought this was so funny and shared it with my kids. From Dan Savage's 1/24/08 column: (if the link doesn't last, check out his archives, here.)

Q. On my 21st birthday, my mother got so shitty drunk that she had to buy a pair of pants off a gas-station attendant after she pissed her own. She dropped her giant bag of pot in the limo. We put her to bed, and she got up and tried to screw my roommate. Then she fell out of the top bunk of his bed and hurt herself so bad she grabbed her car keys and left. She got a DWI on the way to the hospital, where they found out she broke her rib. What does all of this do to my psyche?—Please Answer Me

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Forrest Preece said...

I think that this could be the dough starter for a great writing contest!