Saturday, October 06, 2007

This is so sad

Noticed a headline relating to weird death of Betsy Gotbaum's 45-year-old stepdaughter in an Arizona airport in the NYT earlier this week. It was deep in the first section. I couldn't understand why it wasn't on the first page. Well today it is. "Life of Comfort and Pain Ends in an Airport Cell", by Eric Konigsbert. This is a sad sad tale.

Sad and worth reading on its own. But of course I have a couple of personal reference points. One trivial - at a friend's grand mostly blue blood wasp NYC wedding a few years back we ended up sharing a table with an older gentlemen. As we started to introduce ourselves, he said, "I'm the Jew." Which at the time made us laugh. He was jovial and charming. And Betsy Gotbaum's husband. On an even sadder note, it brings up a scar never healed, of a mother of three, a friend of mine, who some years ago also died from her struggle with alcoholism. Not violently among strangers in an airport, but still devastating with its secrecy and long term pain.

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