Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What it feels like

Close to tears several times today. Which is rare. As a pre-teen I couldn't cry at all. It separated me from my peers. It wasn't until that Zefferelli Romeo and Juliet that I joined the crowd. "It made me cry. It made me cry" I remember joyfully sharing. As a pre-teen that is. Now of course I cry during TV commercials. Anything with kids singing, or competing, or during award shows, or those musical set pieces during Grey's Anatomy. It's ridiculous.

But today was different. It was about emotional resonance. Not sadness in my own life, but in acknowledgment of passing. Life passing, time passing, love passing. For a once-close friend now moving on, now cold; for a once beloved man whose divorce will take him out of my life, although he's gone anyway, and how sad that is; for a daughter (or two or three) coping with a sick mother; for a new friend as I express my love as life throws her a curve. Just repeatedly today there was a sudden reminder of things mattering. Of things changing. Of loss.

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