Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The dating certainties

Last night John and I got a kick out of going to a book reading at Book People for Eric Schaeffer's new, "I can't believe I'm still single." As Eric explained to those gathered, "these are the people that made My Life's In Turnaround." Yes, in what feels like a long time ago. We've stayed close with Donny, not so with Eric. Keeping that mainly to watching his films and the occasional run in at sxsw. He's a controversial figure - for good reason.

Last night he totally cracked us up. His readings from the new book were hilarious.

Eric asked the crowd, "Who here has experience with Internet dating?" One person raised their hand, then another, eventually everyone but us. He continued, "Except of course those two who are the model, -- what together since high school like 35 years ago?!" Well not exactly - it was work, not high school, and 25 not 35 years but yeah, sure, in the ballpark. The audience had a lot of questions about dating, in addition to Eric's film, tv and acting career. He kept repeating how certain he was of what he was looking for, and how quickly he could figure that out. No drugs or alcohol, childbearing age and inclination, not too young. Later, while walking him to his car I reminded him, "It was not love at first sight for us. It really took awhile." Then John added an element I'd totally forgotten, "And the whole question of how ready someone is to have kids or not, you never know. When Janet and I first got together, even got married, it was very unclear whether she would ever have children. At that time, she really thought she might not."

True. But something I always forget in the repeated telling of the tale. I didn't want to have kids. I couldn't imagine it. I found the whole concept somewhat repulsive. It was only through the love with John that that door opened. And we walked through.

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