Monday, September 10, 2007

Current and connected

Just mulling how my constant themes seem to be "friends" and "time". I write them about over and over again. Contemplating this because I'm thinking about how I can become more efficient. My email inbox littered with "let's get together." I almost always say yes. For the first time anyway, and regularly over time with the mainstays, and what's suffering because of that? It's essential to say yes if I'm to stay current and connected - which really, defacto, are my priorites. But it's hard to keep up.

There's a shift coming, provoked by economics, that'll affect this balance. Mulling the essentials. What can I tweak? A little panicked about it. Because while friends are my medium, "Time" and I don't necessarily speak the same language.


Anita said...

Then there's us....the friends you left behind, We have no hope of seeing you but we love you anyway.

grainyms said...

No hope? Sweet but not totally true. I'll get there! I'm thinking starting next fall. I'll empty nest by traveling more. But thanks for the love!!! The connection still feels strong to me.