Sunday, July 01, 2007

My fave new friends, all lawyers 3 out of 4 39 & single

I've often noticed how new friends come in cycles - like only listening to reggae, or Brit Pop. For several years my three best friends birthday's were days apart - it was the Gemini bond calling. In 1978 the artist pals I made stuck with an intensity still strong. Three of my favorites living on different coasts, share an April 18th birthday. While July 3rd has also exuded a pull. When I first moved to Austin I accumulated a couple of super great gal pals my own age for like pretty much the first time ever! And this year the acquaintances of delight tend to be lawyers. With 3 out of the 4 - 39ish, single, and smart with a great zest for life. (1968 babies? Could that be? Would that explain it?) 39ish, single, and smart with a great zest for life - It's invigorating.


Jette said...

1968 babies rock!

susan said...

Single? Smart? With a zest for life? Zero out of 3's not bad.

How about Married, Wise, and Exhausted.

Love from your old hag lawyer friend.

lya said...

what, i've gotta go to law school now? i really thought i had enough going for me with the whole single thirty-something-thing going. i was even a gemini for you. i thought it all meant something.

grainyms said...

Of course it does dear friend! The 30-something & Gemini (and unique darling personality) awesome. I know you're just teasing me but it was the lawyer concentration that was surprising. It's not exclusive! Just unexpected. There's no surprise that you and I are buds.

lya said...

i like this whole comment thing.
i'm going to go post comments on other blogs to get back all the attention i missed out on as a child. then, it's onto the lstat.