Monday, April 09, 2007

visions of paradise

so I just was browsing around thinking how much longer can I wait to get portable email. I found a website: and took the video demo. I'm watching the camera part and realize, hey, I have those pictures on my camera, and my palm too. (no camera phone yet.) They look like a Fijian island, a Fijian sunset, even two Fijians sitting in a tree. These are obviously the most generic photos used to entice and represent the ultimate vacation pics. So is that funny that I have the same ones from my year away? Or that we're less special than we think we are - rather just part of the generic paradise dreaming populace?


Anonymous said...

The Samsung SCH-u740 from Verizon is cool. Regular cell size, mp3s, full qwerty and not necessary to subscribe to the full web browser service to have email access.

Jarren said...

Seems like a good use of your bday money...come over to the darkside :)