Friday, April 13, 2007

Best Birthday Ritual Ever

From one of my favorite people in the world, my good close friend, Amy Elliott:

I think I told you - the thing I did to commemorate 30 was take up smoking again for the year. I had quit at 20 (for the most part) but (and I think we share this) really still love it. I figure smoking one year every ten is a way to cheat death and give me something to look forward to on a major birthday (not that those milestones bother me). I haven't had a drag since my 31st birthday, as scheduled, and plan to do the same thing at 40, if it's still legal.

If I only I could trust myself to stop again, what a great concept....


Jenni said...

Hey this is a pretty interesting ritual I must say!! :)

Carol said...

Hi grainyms, wishing you a happy 30th birthday! Smoking one year every ten is a very novel concept. Good luck! Carol