Wednesday, March 28, 2007


For weeks, maybe months, my pilates teacher has been trying to get me to commit to the simplest home practice. We call it "swan at the wall daily." I drape over one of those big gym balls, with my feet against the wall, and lift up, into a a swan (or cobra - basically an arching up of the upper back forward, legs extended, hips lengthened.) It's a pretty cool move. Feels great, gets everything working. It only takes a few minutes. But it's taken Wendy weeks/months to get me to actually do it, instead of just saying I would. Why? I dunno...why? Because I'd always rather email. Or the ball is in living room and it's too chaotic and public. Because I'm resistant to most daily practices.

So now she's trying a new tact. Emailing me daily to probe my feelings and thoughts about it. She shared a quote about accountability and promises that I was going to blog about until I realized it was from Landmark Education and I worried there could be copyright issues. It's an interesting approach where she and I are bonded in this effort together. She talks about "my asking her to support me". Interesting turn of phrase but powerful -because since I do care so much about her, and the fantastic quality of insight, training, and smarts she has to offer me, I don't want to let her down. She's giving me so much, I want to make sure to do her justice. To honor her time and teaching. But why do I need to include her in the equation? Why can't/don't I just do it because it's good for me?

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