Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reid on going to Sundance

As we're sitting out Sundance this year, I particularly enjoyed this amusing post by our old friend Reid Rosefelt in his Zoom In blog:

January 14, 2007
I'm Sundance Bound!

My friend Errol Morris didn't exactly love going to the Sundance Film Festival. He used to say that he prepared for the trip by locking himself in a deep freeze for a day with a guy who talked incessantly on a cel phone. One year, Errol took the flight from Cambridge to Salt Lake City, rented a car and drove out to Park City. Just as he was stepping out of his car into the cold Utah air, he spied a director of photography he particularly disliked. He had fired the cameraman (now an Academy Award nominee) on the very first day of shooting of his debut film, "Gates of Heaven." I don't really know what upset Errol more--that it was cold or that this dude was the first thing he laid eyes on--but he got right back in his car, drove back to Salt Lake City and flew home. (more)

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