Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Applied Postive psychology in the academia?

Somehow I missed this New York Times article on the burgeoning field of positive psychology. Love how they reference Richard Linklater's brilliant Before Sunrise and Before Sunset - two of my favorite films.

Interesting to consider this approach and if it can really stand up to scrutiny. Wondering if it's more than platitudes. I know in my own life how much happier I've become in general, and how that feeds on itself.

It was sent to me by my good friend Susan Kaiser Greenland who after many years of dreaming amidst the demands of her thriving law practice, created InnerKids, an organization devoted to teaching Mindful Awareness to children in pre-K through Middle School. I love their tagline: Simple As Breathing: Attention, Balance, Clarity & Compassion..the new ABC's. Worth a look.

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Anonymous said...

I read this article too and thought it was really interesting. Glad to know about Susan's passion and signed up for the mailing list. Thanks for the connection. Jackie