Sunday, October 15, 2006


Right before we moved to Fiji I had the pleasure of meeting a charming advertising producer who was about to marry an old friend. We'd once been very close, but then, in my view, had a pointless falling out, and didn't talk for years.

She was late 40s, he over 50. This was a first marriage for both. I instantly liked her. Attractive, smart, funny, charming. She was fascinated with our iminent move to Fiji. I was impressed with her cool job and spunky attitude. She was a producer for one of the hipper campaigns of recent memory. We talked about love, taking chances, and how she'd finally connected with T. Our paths so different. I think of her often, particularly when I've spent hours talking to one friend or another. The energy exchange is palpable. The act actually physical for me.

"I don't know if it's unconscious or conscious," she said. "Somehow I always got on a plane for work rather than nurture the relationship I was leaving behind."

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