Friday, October 13, 2006


Surprising as it is to enjoy blogging, it's been fun to get the feedback. Like this today:
The first blog I've ever dipped into! I'd meant to sooner, of course, but somehow--I don't know, the blog thing scares me, not enough boundaries.
Love that, the fear of, "not enough boundaries."

I've been trying to find my own. It's been a super busy, enjoyable time - full of good friends, talented filmmakers, and exciting new films. The temptation is to name names but I'm not going to in detail. Name dropping is one of my most charming and equally obnoxious habits. I need to resist it in this forum. I'll talk about friendship in general, and champion work that I love, but I won't actually draw a map of the social circle. Like in the L Word, - Alyce's map of relationships, The Chart, is a great invention. Something I absolutely do mentally but won't make tangible here.

The flow is fascinating though. One set of conversations leading into the next. Connecting geographically diverse creators as they all enjoy Austin, a particular delight. What's the throughline? The common denominator? I think it's the committment to creativity. In our world, more often than not, it's about film, but it's not just that. It's the creation of work that's engaging and interesting and often bold and unique. That's the goal anyway. There's a seriousness of purpose. I really don't know what other people talk about when they go out to dinner. We talk about films and the people who make them, the business involved, before, during and after the actual production. We talk about how the work works. How it might, does, or doesn't, reach it's audience. We engage, wholeheartedly, and are drawn to those who do the same. It's never-ending and it's immensely satisfying.

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