Wednesday, September 27, 2006

elliott's watch

Looking for my Dad's old cufflinks for John to wear with his tux to the New York Film Festival opening night, I come upon this watch. And it cracks me up. It's Elliott's watch. I've kept it for years to remind me of a guy who didn't care about me so much, he never bothered to pick up his watch. Why is that funny? I don't know. But it amuses me deeply.

This was back in 1979. Elliott was a security guard at the rock 'n roll club where I was waitressing. And I thought he was hot. Though we didn't use that word that way in those days. He flirted like mad. But he also did tons of coke, so frankly, was less interesting to follow through with. We had a couple of encounters. The last time he forgot his watch. And so it remained. Though I taunted him. And I have it still. All these years later. Where it still brings a smile to my face. Not rage or pain or humiliation, just compassion and humor.

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