Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wow! I was just fooling around in Myspace. Updating our company's top 16, thinking about the difference between how I present our business site and how differently I'd present my personal one, having to take into consideration my partner's needs and wants and public face. I'm just flipping around idly, happening onto a newly added friend's site who I have no idea who the guy is. The profile is set only for added friends. I resist for weeks, then finally succumb to see who he is. Some kind of film fan, and he's got two beautiful photos acting as his personal description. It inspires me to search Myspace off the beaten indie film track and to look for more graphically interesting sites. I've always loved photographs. I go to search, hit the button, hadn't realized it was randomly set to searching out women ages 18-35 in the U.S. The pictures pop up, I'm thinking cool, this is interesting to see how women present themselves these days when the bombshell hits. Almost every single picture is ONLINE. Like every single one! It's a Sunday afternoon in August, 1pm Central Time. So this is life in America 2006 now as we know it??!! Our lives lived online!!! A minute earlier, at my indie film site, no one was on.

I mean I know it's true for me - but I'm older and play catch up on the weekends from time spent out and about connecting. Weekends I'm home with my man, my kids almost grown and out in the world. But those 18-35 year olds?!! This is their life??!!

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