Monday, August 14, 2006

If a tree falls

M. said, how long do you think before you'll tell people about your private blog? Um, about two minutes. I told a very few. And the silence is deafening. No surprise. There are billion people sitting at keyboards these days wanting to share their lives. And with no discernible hook - why would anyone read this? Why would I read this if I wasn't writing it? I'm one of the few people I know who actually reads blogs. It's this weird narcissitic age when everyone is beating their chests but no one can hear.

Last year Kevin Smith started his boring ass life blog. To some it was excruiating in its detail, documenting his daily bathroom, sexual, parenting and buying habits. I hung onto every word. Because it really did demystify the minutae of his life. It was mind boggling how bare he lay his actual real life, not one created for his fan base. My husband refused to read it. How could we, as close personal friends, feel special if the whole world was getting the same access? But to me, it was genius - particularly in it's rabid devotion to married sex. Before I was married, I was under the impression that there was no sex in marriage. As a single I often felt superior to my more conventional friends. Uh, 24 years later, I happily understand I was wrong. At least in my own marriage. But people don't talk about it. And though there was no reason to hear exactly that much detail about Kevin's sexual activities, it was revelatory to hear of his constant desire for his wife and the time they made for each other.

But it's one thing to post the boring ass details of your life when you're a famous film director/media personality, and another when you're just joe schmo sitting at home. And for me, it's a delicate balance because much of what passes for interesting conversation on my part, is actually based on other people's lives and work - and it's not appropriate for me to share those tidbits with the world at large. Even my husband has his own public life. How can I share mine without intruding on his privacy? It's a delicate step.

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