Thursday, August 17, 2006

stating the obvious

I know I'm stating the obvious here but don't the new airport regulations remind you of how the National Socialists came to mold Nazi Germany? It was inch by inch, the way rights were taken away. A little bit at a time -- so people could adapt and accept. The common refrain was, well, it couldn't get much worse than this. And at first it didn't seem like such a big deal. Hmmm, who needs moisturizer for a few days. I can always pick up a travel toothpaste. But as we began packing, the reality dawned. No sunscreen, no toothpaste, no mouthwash, no lipstick, no makeup remover, no face cream, no heel cream, no eye drops for dry eye, no eyeglass lens cleaner, no shaving cream, no balm for chapped elbows, no origins sleep calm, no personal lube. Each on its own, no big deal. But it's the accumulation of the indignity. The chiseling away, bit by bit. I know this is stating the obvious. I know, but I'm still troubled. Aren't we scared yet? Not of the terrorists, but of our own government who rule by scaring us? Bit by bit. Inch by inch. We meekly oblige.

A few years ago, when we returned from a year in Fiji, the Los Angeles airport security removed my son's mechanical drawing pen. It had an edge, you know, as compasses do. Wyatt was all of 13. Traveling with his Caucasian mom, dad and sister. Returning from a year away to his home in NY. His technical drawing pen one of his prized Taveuni souvenirs. We'd bought it at the Postal Shop, for top Fiji dollar. He loved that technical drawing class. Learning far more practically, and even mathematically, then he would upon his return in the U.S. School system. But no, security pocketed it. Didn't even give us a chance to fedex. The lines were too long, everyone too tired.

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