Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This blog title is so damned pretentious. Depending on it's spin. Though the words don't spell it out, I can hear it in my head as, "I'm good at friends...I'm superlative at friends". Which isn't really right. It's more that Friends are what I care about. They're the process by which I'm engaged in life. They're my practice (as I'm seeing if this blog can be too.) My desired way to pass the time. I'm actually involved in the film business for a living. Such as it is. It's been a great ride. Full of talented filmmakers, exciting work, glamour, as one might expect. But that isn't what I felt like blogging about. Friends (um, yeah) suggesting blogging for a few years now. But I didn't want to add to the pundit mix. How much will that film gross? What's in that fest? Who's winning the prize? I read them, I tire of them. Certainly I had nothing original or interesting to add to the mix that wouldn't trade on friends (um, yeah) secrets. Or lives. For this narcissistic ritual of modern life, I'm more interested in life around the work.

Sure - it's always good to recommend a good read - and along those lines, check out Terry Iacuzzo's Small Mediums at Large - a funny, heartbreaking, fascinating memoir about a family of psychics with a unique coming of age element. Has some particularly great detail about NYC in the 60's too. I highly recommend it.

So pretentious this may be but it's what I like to think about. It's the mosaic that keeps life fresh for me. Question is can I make it interesting.

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