Monday, March 25, 2013

Ben Barenholtz speaks

Surprising, beautiful words from Ben Barenholtz.  A man I've known since the early 1980s, knew him first from his name on the screen, but never had any idea of his personal history until now.


Exactly seventy years ago today I was sitting on a rock waiting for my father to arrive, a wait that continues to this day. The last word he spoke before the shots rang out was

It seems like I’ve never stopped running.

My father was a Mensche. He taught us to survive, and because of the kind of person he was, we were helped by people who risked their lives so that we could keep ours’. Because of a Polish farmer and a Ukrainian Peasant and their Menschlichkeit, my brother and I are alive today. We are the last of the survivors. We never indulged in pre-pubescent dreams of vengeance and violence.

I never mourned him or said Kaddish, but made this day sacred and decided to make it a celebration of Menschlichkeit.

Soon I will join him and I know that the last word that will still ring in my ears will be