Sunday, November 30, 2008

Young Rob in 1978

I just need to copy this photo here (snagged from pun intended :)) because I love it so much. Young Rob Epstein!!! This is 1978. We met in 1973, our very first day of college. We were inseparable for months, then life shifted. But our paths kept crossing, and have still been crossing all these years later. I couldn't be more proud of Rob's career - he's made some incredible, deeply affecting films.

How I wish I had at least one picture of us young together!!

Thrilled to see the renewed attention Rob is getting for his superb The Times of Harvey Milk. And chomping at the bit to immerse in Gus Van Sant's Milk. I've missed several advanced screenings. A great subject, a great director. And I lived in SF 1975-1980. I remember that moment very well. I was spending all my time outside of my day job (distributing experimental films) up off Castro at a small lesbian run theatre company. I'm pre-disposed to go crazy for this film on so many, many levels. Really looking forward to it.

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