Monday, August 04, 2008

Road Trip Nation paid a visit

Had a lovely visit today from these kids from RoadTripNation.
Totally fun to talk to recent college kids about the road so far, as they embark on their own. Great concept for an adventure and show. I would have loved to do the same at their age. Check out the show. And thanks to Mike Akel for sending them my way.

General Roadtrip FAQ

What is Roadtrip Nation?
Roadtrip Nation is a movement that encourages young people to get out there and explore their options in life by talking with successful people who are passionate about their careers.

When did it happen?
The original roadtrip, as documented in "The Open Road," took place with Mike, Brian, and Nathan in the summer of 2001.

How did they do it?
Mike, Brian, and Nathan bought an old clunky RV, painted it bright green, cold called a ton of inspirational people, booked as many interviews as they could, and then took off across the country.

How did they pay for it?
Credit card debt.

Who are Mike, Brian, and Nathan?
These are the guys that started it all. They graduated college without a clue about what they wanted to do. Unwilling to simply go down the traditional career paths, they decided to seek advice from people who had defined their own roads in life. So, they bought an old RV, painted it bright green, and the rest is history.

Who are the "100 college partners"?
These are the 100 college whose career centers are committed raising awareness of Roadtrip Nation on their campuses. These college career centers communicate with us directly and provide students with valuable info on RTN roadtrips, indie roadtrip grants, and the Roadtrip Nation curriculum.

Where can I view past roadtrips? PBS? DVD? Online streaming video?
Right here on our website! We've got archives of all our PBS episodes, videos of our interviews...all you have to do is explore.

What is Roadtrip Nation today?
At the core, Roadtrip Nation is a movement made by students for students. As a result, Roadtrip Nation has created an annual PBS documentary series, an interactive online community of roadtrippers, a book collection, an indie roadtrip grant program, an educational curriculum, and more!

Is it a production company?
Yes. We film, edit, and produce all of our own content.

Who works there?
Check out our about us section to meet the people behind the green RVs!

What are Mike, Brian, and Nate doing now?
At this second? They're probably out surfing. But when they aren't catching waves, Mike, Nate, and Brian are busy (veeeerry busy) heading up their respective departments: Mike in marketing, Nate in production, and Brian in campus outreach.

What are past roadtrippers doing now?
Some are anchoring news programs, some are in bands on tour with the Eagles of Death Metal... Want to find out more about Roadtrip alumni? Check out our explore section.

Where is the original RV?
The original RV, which we like to call "The Legend," is parked right inside our office, where members of our production team may admire it on a daily basis, gazing at it in awe from the comfort of their editing stations√Ďand occasionally using it for an afternoon nap.

Will RTN come to my school?
We definitely want to! Our campus teams tour the nation every Spring and Fall, bringing the RTN movement to a number of college campuses across the nation. Check out our campus tour page for more info on our tour route and the campuses we'll be visiting. Let us know if you'd like to see us at your school!

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