Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Joe Swanberg's "Too Many Nights and Weekends" over at Variety

This little post by Joe Swanberg for Variety's Fest Circuit blog really made me laugh! Look at the brilliant way Joe spins:

Upon arriving, I had lunch with a few of the other American Independents filmmakers who were on my flight. I had never heard of any of their films, and they hadn't heard of mine. That fact made me equally proud and nervous to be an American Independent filmmaker, working in a country that produces so many films and filmmakers, and has so many festivals and screens, that it's possible for several of these filmmakers to have festival and theatrical success without any idea that the others even exist.

Talk about spin! Everyone else is bemoaning the deluge of too many films! Too many films numbing the audience, exhausting the critics, and crowding out the arthouses. It's a kind of cannibalism! John and I have been debating this subject for years - how democratization is great for an individual's creative impulse but deadly for the marketplace. But I digress. I'm not prepared to get into all that. This post was just inspired by Joe, and his charming Variety post, and how he puts it all out there into the world.

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