Monday, May 19, 2008

Routines shift, now night walks

The routines shift. Now I walk at night. Need to more than ever so it's easier to remember and do. There's something about finding that joy from movement that's essential. Especially when hormones are working against you, or change is in the anxiety stage. The other night John said, "go, get out before it gets dark." But no, I prefer the dark to walk. I love the twilight and the light fading. The glow of the florescent or artificial light, the deepening of the night blue sky. I love the anonymity and the freedom that brings. My optician says I prefer the world through my sunglasses because it's less "confusing." The sunglasses cut down the percentage of information needing to be absorbed. Maybe it's that way with the night as well. It's soothing. It's gorgeous. It's certainly a simple pleasure.

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a. kleon said...

a beautiful thought!