Friday, May 02, 2008

Facebook quandary

My new gig really has put a crimp in my blogging style. I just don't feel comfortable talking about some of the more personal feelings, and I never intended this to be a professional film booster blog. So I'm left quieter. But that's not the only modern day quandary. I'm also not sure what to do about Facebook. I had fun opening an account back in September. Within minutes I'd set up a lunch date with a peer for the first time in a couple of years. Sure we had each other's phone and emails, and we're even in the same neighborhood, but it was something about the photos on facebook that caught our attention and encouraged us to commit. Similarly, I reacquainted with a previous best friend from over 15 years ago. A best friend shifted into silence because of changing lives. I'd noticed her page on Myspace, but it wasn't until I was on Facebook, that she opened the door. And there's more stories like that. It's been fun!

But now that I've started a more public job, I'm getting "friend" offers from people I don't already know. And while maybe they're great, and maybe I'll come to really like them, I don't feel like being indiscriminate. Even while I put the most personal things in this blog, I still want some zones of privacy. So what to do? How much is necessary in my new position? My work and personal life has always been blurred, but now, how far do I have to take it?

Any thoughts? Advice?


anitaprentice said...

You're lucky to have one - my kids told me they would kill me if I ever had a Facebook page!

JJ Weber said...

Luckily Facebook gives you a good amount of control over content on your profile. If someone you don't know tries to "friend up", at least you have the option of setting them to a limited access of your profile so that you can still retain the networking element but not have them see your "unmentionables."
Of course, now that you have this SX gig, you really don't have much choice but to be queen of the interactive world, so maybe throwing caution to the wind like all the youngsters do on facebook is the way to go!

grainyms said...


Thanks - I'd just reached that "throwing caution to the wind" frame of mind minutes before getting this. Funny, as we keep coming up with new ways to be connected, we also have to keep shifting for ways to keep our closer friends, closer.


grainyms said...


At this point, your kids are way overruled. Their facebook pages can be private from you should they choose to keep you out. Lots of oldsters on there.