Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ben Chaplin, great company

I had the surprise good fortune of meeting the actor Ben Chaplin this week. I don't actually know that many actors. Directors, yes. But actors? Not so much. And some are exhausting - commanding all the attention you have, all the time. But some are the best company imaginable. And in our short time together, Chaplin was just that. Super bright, super articulate, funny as hell, and great company. He had a way of making each conversation come alive. Illustrating what he meant by a Liverpudlian accent twinged with German or the beauty of sports. He explained how much he loved sports. How in the moment each game seems like the most important thing in the world, the only thing! But in the bigger scheme, is totally meaningless. Life life? But picture it better told, funnier, smarter. It was a real privilege to meet his acquaintance.

I can't wait to catch him in a couple of our finest Texas directors newest work.

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Melanie A. Stinson said...

Well, hidiho, I discovered this cool blog because I've been attempting to talk to Ben Chaplin & was trying to track down if he was anywhere accessible. I have a dad from my blog for kids,, who had some interesting questions to pose the actor, and being a connector of sorts, I love to oblige. It kind of shows folks anything is possible. But interestingly, I also have relatives in Austin and noted the Austin Film Society on the blog. We have a very "young" Toledo Filmmakers Association here. We're mere babes in comparison to you guys. Also luv the title of your blog. I think maybe we belong together (see below). Hope you'll visit! Namaste.