Sunday, May 04, 2008

Austin Kleon on Matt Stone's visit to John Pierson's UT Master Class

Great fun to invite Austin Kleon again to John's UT Master Class with Matt Stone, because he just creates such cool artifacts. I'm such a fan of Matt's and South Park. The show is still kick-ass funny and dead-on essential. And the guy in person is so super smart and funny and very real. I've treasured the few times I've gotten to hang around him. Amazing too, to consider his meteoric rise (although that's not what he calls it.) Even with my faulty memory, I'll never forget the day in our old Grainy Cold Spring office that I started watching "Alferd Packer: The Musical" - later re-titled: "Cannibal! the Musical". I'd never seen anything like it - and I couldn't stop watching. It was hilarious and way over the top and just so damned committed.

If you haven't been paying attention - you can catch up with all of South Park now streaming!

From Austin's Blog:

Went to see John Pierson interview Matt Stone, co-creator of South Park last night at the Austin City Limits studio on campus here at the University of Texas. Here’s a little write-up. I took some crummy sketchbook notes—could not for the life of me figure out how to draw him, so I just drew him as Kyle.

Matt Stone at the University of Texas



anitaprentice said...

John looks pretty good!


Pages of doodles are fascinating.