Saturday, March 22, 2008

Margaret's Yard Sale

Margaret's moving so today she had a yard sale. After salsa I dropped by, seeing her place on the east side for the first time. Not far, but feels like countries away. Great neighborhood. A perfect Austin day. Sunny, not too hot. She's hanging on a black futon on the lawn while others, mostly couples, some with little babies and kids, pour through her soon to be ex-belongings.

I join her on the futon, enjoying the Austin social patterns. Enjoying seeing some different faces. Strangers and friends out on a beautiful Saturday...Strangers and friends picking through her stuff.

I pick up this Mexican lantern. Not because I need it. I think maybe I can find a place for it, I'm not actually sure. But I want it because it's Margarets. I both want something of hers before she skips town, and I want to help her out. I mean why not? Why not help her clear her lawn and pad her pocket? She prices it $5, which seems a little high, but again, why not? What's $5 between friends? (...hmm too, of course there were the free books she threw in.)

It's all about the energy exchange.

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