Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LOL a moment ago, and again yesterday

Is it crazy self indulgent for me to be so amused by my son's blog that I need to re-post it here? You decide.

Suspended Suspense

Getting accepted into college was not nearly as exciting as I imagined it to be. There is no suspense, no drum roll as you open the letter, it is very disappointing. You get a big packet when you get in, and a little letter when you do not, which just seems like such an anticlimactic and flawed system. On top of that Lehigh wrapped congratulations around the outside which just made me care even less. If you were thinking about applying to college, do not, because it is nowhere near as exciting as the movies make it seem.

I do have another example of something that cracked me up so much yesterday that I broke out LOL in the car. I was listening to Terry Gross on KUT interview Meg Wolitzer on the eve of the publication of "The Ten-Year-Nap." (love the title). Wolitzer was recounting a crazy moment when after taking her 3 year old for swim lessons - as she was stark naked changing back into her clothes, he ran out of the locker room. At that time, at that gym, the towels were the size of , as she put it, kleenex. She had to quickly decide, cover the top or bottom. Which? She chose the top, and ran out into a lobby full of older people waiting around. Funny now. Mortifying then. But what made the story was that afterwards, she asked a group of her pals what they would have done. Which part would they have covered. Some said top, some said bottom. Finally someone answered, "my face."

Of course, the best possible answer.

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