Saturday, March 08, 2008

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Adding this as a placeholder as much as anything else. I haven't really put any personal photos on this blog but the inclusion in the Statesman column the other day amused me.

The whole public photo thing interesting. I was at True/False last weekend. Lots of people blogged about it posting photos. Lots include John. None include me. Do I care? Does it mean I wasn't there? That I didn't have a great time? I don't actually care, except that it reminds me how people shape their perceptions. In my life with John, I've almost always been just outside the frame. A comfortable place for me, but sometimes a confusing one.

AFS party at Lance Armstrong’s

This we can finally say: Lance Armstrong has good taste. His Mount Bonnell mansion at first impresses with its size, room spilling into room, indoor flowing into outdoor. Dark, heavy accents help define the spaces, never grand but always congenial for conversation and mixing. Armstrong’s admirable art collection, including large abstracts, are lovingly placed around the palace and fires roared in several fireplaces.

For the Austin Film Society’s pre-party for the Texas Film Hall of Fame, the chilled masses flocked to the largest of several living rooms. There was Morgan Fairchild, looking not a day over 30, in a vortex of fans, while Debra Winger held court in an alcove/landing on the stairs. In Armstrong’s trophy room, which includes all seven framed Tour de France winning jerseys and a curious conversation nook, there was Style Avatar Stephen Moser in all his splendor. Lots of folks from the film community, but also many from the Austin Ventures set.


Carol Adams, Debra Winger, Chris Adams (perfect Austin couple to guide Winger through the evening)


Robin Rather, Jean Rather, Dan Rather (anxious about following the late Ann Richards as emcee of the Hall of Fame ceremony)


Janet Pierson, Alexa Wesner, Blaine Wesner


Katy Walker, Robert Walker, heroes of Marfa Public Radio, among other causes (she’s also the daughter of recently deceased UT and Rice President Norman Hackerman)


Dede Church, Todd Church. He is helping Armstrong build his new store; she knows my sister Valerie Koehler and her Blue Willow Books in Houston

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