Thursday, January 24, 2008


Since I'm always trying to earnestly answer the question, "What are you up to?" no matter how hard John tries to teach me, "You don't have to answer the question," here's a quick wrap up of recent activities because I haven't been posting that much. Not that it's particularly a lot, (particularly in these days when people regularly watch a couple of Netflix films a day) or particularly high quality. It's just what it is, right now.

This morning - wonderful live taping of Texas Monthly Talks hosted by Evan Smith with a highly entertaining Jeff Daniels at the Cactus Cafe. Daniels turned out to be a great storyteller. Great content, excellent timing, excellent delivery.

Tuesday: AFS Honeydripper premiere at the Paramount with John Sayles and Maggie Renzi in person. Always fun to watch anything at the Paramount. And this event had lots of good vibes with its strong Austin connection. Particular highlight walking into the after party at the Continental Club with Sayles as we spy him on the barside TV - co-hosting TCM. John had to point out him, "It's your night!"

Monday: First thing, new episode of The Wire on HBO On Demand (where you can catch the episodes before they're broadcast.) Cloverfield matinee at the Highland Galaxy. (Man that's viscerally scary. As a NYer definitely! As someone who lives in fear of unknown dangers, blackouts, bombs. Freaked out and in admiration of the filmmaking the whole time, but is that what I want from my entertainment? No.) Margot at the Wedding on a borrowed screener. (Christ, what a despicable bunch! I guess you have to give Noah Baumbach credit for the artful telling of such complex hateful people, but damn, they were all really hateful. And they're so clearly based on his real family! Ohmigod. Laura Linney first, then Nicole Kidman. Wouldn't it be a great conceptual exercise for him to keep having different fantastic actresses tackle his mom? Just his mom over and over again via different actresses? I guess that's probably what he can't help but do.) Then Killer of Sheep on TCM w/ Charles Burnett co-hosting. (A lot of TCM watching in this house. TCM is hands down John's favorite TV after The Wire and sports.) All these years, I'd never actually seen Killer of Sheep. At first I feared I was too restless to pay attention -but it pulled me in. What a strong, wonderful presence. What a different time.

Sunday: My weekly yoga and now breakfast date. The latter a delightful surprise, an interesting growing friendship. An inspiring connection. Later read the script for Linklater's newest production shooting over on the Isle of Man. Exciting.

In general cooking a lot more with a particular emphasis on homemade soup. (Although Wyatt doesn't really like the soup so much so I do that and have to cook something else for him besides.) I guess I've been able to cook for a long time but I was so neurotic about it, it spoiled the enjoyment. So I resisted. But this year, determined to give my son memories of mom's home cooking before he flies the coop, I'm making the effort. And it's totally sweet and rewarding to see him enjoying it so much. Nice change from the response previously, "um, no one ever cooked at our house. We just grew up on microwaved frozen food." Not exactly true!!! But not completely false. Funny how easy it is now. Why wasn't it easy before?

Saturday night: 20th wedding anniversary party with artist Marc Burkhardt and partner wife Janice. Fabulous house! Different social set but enough crossover to enjoy the time. Good sometimes to stretch the social muscles.

Friday: Fantastic AFS lunch with a prospective new board member. That phrase "earn a seat at the table" more and more resonant to me all the time. I keep meaning to write a separate post about just that. In the evening, popped into the AFS intern party and got some quality time with the head honcho, my friend and excellent work mate .

Thursday: Terrific lunch with a charming and generous associate in town. Lots of great ideas. Later, catching the Austin premiere of Teeth at the Alamo South with my daughter. Funny enough. Always a good time at any of the Alamos.

That takes us back to Wednesday where I already raved about seeing U23D. Not sure how I even feel about laying out the schedule here. Don't really feel the need to broadcast my routine, not sure I like broadcasting my routine, but somehow I was a little provoked by Janice on Saturday night. "You go out a lot? You see a lot of movies?" Um yeah. Not even a heavy week. And in between still pre-screening for sxsw, re-watching to prep for catalog copy, following the Sundance news, paperwork, year-end accounting, prepping for new some projects. So what do you call it? Lots of consuming going on. Stuff.

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