Thursday, January 24, 2008

A great example of Six Degrees, great old article by Malcolm Gladwell

I bought the New Kings of Non-Fiction which I've been starting to dip into. Attracted to it by several already beloved writers. Jumping in with Malcolm Gladwell's Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg - I love this story! John, of course, remembers it in full. Damn, the holes in my memory are too large these days. I remember parts of it from The Tipping Point, but don't think I ever read the original story.

I'm loving it now for several reasons. Good writing, duh. Cool subject, yeah. My kind of role model, absolutely! I'm all about the connecting - so really love it depicted and applauded. But what's really sticking with me is the diversity of the jobs and activities in Weisberg's life. At this particular moment it's extremely liberating as I'm trying to figure out the next phase. I'm contemplating different directions, different projects. Instead of worrying about the diversity, the story lays out all the great reasons to embrace it. Because of course when one is curious, new worlds can be fascinating. There's no hard and fast rule. You can be curious and explore anew in your chosen narrow scope or you can find the common thread in a crazy wide range. It's all good. Which is essential that I keep in mind.

And um, yeah, for those of you who've already read the piece - I connect to Lois in 3 moves. I have more than one friend who's totally tight with her son.

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Kris said...

I remember reading this from The Tipping Point also, but only just now researched further into what Lois Weisberg has done in the city. Turns out I was employed under one of her grandest achievements - Gallery 37, an arts program for inner city kids.