Friday, January 18, 2008

creating a process to short circuit your own worst habits

Damn, now he's going to think me a stalker because I can't help but repeat this new link from the blogger I wrote about yesterday...although, I could have picked it up from Lifehacker the other day myself, but didn't, so ok, what are you going to do. The link is really worth sharing regardless. It's from a blog post by Brian Oberkirch inspired by an interview with Chuck Close by Terry Gross. Continuing the Annie Lamott "Bird by Bird" theory, or what Natalie Goldberg teaches (not mentioned in the link.) About showing up everyday and continuing. Not worrying about the overwhelming whole, just chipping away, little by little. This is something I know intellectually, this is not yet something that's habit - and practice, and that's why I'm repeating it. Because I need to embrace it so deeply until it becomes my second nature too.

I particularly like this last paragraph by Oberkirch. "if you can create a process that short circuits some of your own worst habits." Damn. yeah. What a good idea.

"Not only do I love the hope in that sentence, I think it’s true. If you can create a process that short circuits some of your own worst habits, and you really believe in that process, eventually you’ll get a sweater, a nine-foot painting, chicken enchiladas, a Web site, a marathon." -- Oberkirch

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a. kleon said...

Nah, I don't think you're a stalker -- I just take it as a compliment!